In this modern digital age, those who expose corruption, fight racism, and fight for justice and democracy face increasing threats and persecution online.
Security Without Borders is an open collective of hackers and cyber security professionals who volunteer with assisting journalists, human rights defenders, and non-profit organizations with cyber security issues.

Are you an activist, journalist, or human rights defender?

Security Without Borders is here to help. We can assist with web security assessments, conduct breach investigations and analysis, and generally act as an advisor in questions pertaining to cyber security. As security services are often expensive to come by, SWB offers these services free to organizations and people fighting against human rights abuse, racism, and other injustices.

Please get in touch with us by clicking the Request Assistance button above, and filling out the subsequent form. We will try to get back to you as promptly as possibly. However, please notice that we are a volunteer network, and resources and available people might at times be scarce.

We are committed to assisting everyone, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or any other personal characteristic or identity.

Are you a hacker or a computer security professional?

If you have the time and desire to use your skills for good, we invite you to consider joining us.

We are a group of penetration testers, malware analysts, developers, engineers, system administrators, hackers. Some of us work in corporate security, some of us in academia, and some others in human rights organizations. We want to dedicate some of our time to the betterment of global society.

Security Without Borders are committed to equality and diversity, and value your offer of time and effort regardless of who you are. We actively work to not discriminate and to build a diverse and inclusive community around our mission.

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For general inquiries, please send an email to For press inquiries, contact For assistance requests, please use the more secure link at the top of the page.