Hardentools 2.0 is out!

Jul 06

A couple of years ago we started a project called Hardentools. Hardentools is a simple utility designed to disable a number of "features" exposed by Microsoft Windows, and primary consumer applications. These features, commonly thought for enterprise customers, are generally useless to regular users and rather pose as dangers as they are very commonly abused by attackers to execute malicious code on a victim's computer. The intent of this tool is to simply reduce the attack surface by disabling the low-hanging fruit. Hardentools is intended for individuals at risk, who might want an extra level of security at the price of some usability. It is not intended for corporate environments.

Today, we have released version 2.0, which comes with a lot of improvements and internal refactoring since the original 1.0 release. Most visibly, Hardentools comes with a new graphical user interface.


Special thanks to Florian Probst, who has been steering most of the development in Hardentools recently.